Ms. Longmire started her blog on Mexico’s drug war in March 2009, while she was still a senior intelligence analyst for the State of California. Her job required her to focus solely on drug war events that had the potential to impact California’s security. However, border violence and the drug war in general know no state lines, and she felt she had an important strategic perspective to share with people following the situation south of the border.

After getting permission from her supervisors, Ms. Longmire proceeded to start reading on her own time through daily media stories covering the drug war, and adding her professional analysis to her blog posts as a way to make sense of the stories. Most media outlets report raw facts and body counts, but few explain in much depth how the death of a kingpin or the discovery of a drug tunnel affect the drug war’s direction. Some news outlets and reports are better than others, so Ms. Longmire uses her years of experience and extensive contacts in the worlds of government, academia, and journalism to flesh out as much accurate information as possible from drug war reporting. Her analysis on individual events follows excerpts from news stories, which are posted at least every few days.

Ms. Longmire’s blog also serves as a repository for general information on each of the major drug trafficking organizations operating in Mexico. These are updated as major changes in organizational structure occur. Blog readers have access via link to other blogs by individuals and organizations who also closely follow and write about the drug war.

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