Areas of Expertise

Written Analysis

Mexican transnational criminal organizations (TCOs)


       Leadership and structure

       Presence and activities

       Alliances and rivalries

       Enforcement activities and alliances with

              US-based gangs

Drug trafficking

       TCO procurement of cocaine from Colombia and other outside sources

       Production of marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin in Mexico

       Movement of illegal drugs across the US-Mexico border

       Movement of Mexico-origin drugs within the US

       TCO partnerships with US-based gangs for drug distribution

Weapons trafficking

       Primary weapons used by TCOs

       Procurement of weapons by TCOs in the US

       Movement of weapons across the US-Mexico border

Border security issues

Human smuggling

TCO kidnapping and ransom operations

Mexican sociopolitical and diplomatic issues

Media Services

Expert Witness Services

- Contribution of situation analysis to breaking news stories

- Text story inserts that provide context and analysis for events in Mexico’s drug war

- Use of extensive professional contacts to verify news items related to Mexico

- On-air (via satellite) appearances for panels or interviews on drug war topics

- Telephonic or email interviews for written pieces

Longmire Consulting can provide detailed threat and risk assessments, talking points, briefing slides, training packages, and travel preparation for individuals, groups, or businesses with interests in Mexico. Fees are calculated based on estimated product preparation time.


Presentations to groups large and small are Ms. Longmire’s specialty. Each presentation, whether designed for executive management or as a training session for law enforcement, is entirely custom-designed according to the client’s needs. These can range from a one- to two-hour overview of the drug war, to an entire day of training that goes more in detail with regards to TCO histories, operations and threats. Fees are based on product preparation and actual presentation time, and clients must cover Ms. Longmire’s travel expenses.


Ms. Longmire has experience serving as an expert witness for legal cases where Mexican nationals in the United States facing deportation are requesting either asylum or withholding of removal under the Convention Against Torture. The services she provides include consultation with attorneys to review case details, consultation with the claimant and relevant witnesses, research for and drafting of a signed and notarized affidavit for presentation to the Court, and telephonic testimony during the immigration hearing. Fees are charged on an hourly basis, and the average case requires between four and six hours of work. However, every case is different, and specific fees are quoted only after review of the client’s declaration and/or personal statement.